Remo 101

#4 Exploring the Layout

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#4 Exploring the Layout
let’s explore the floor plan and layout
that you created in the first section
and learn some of the features the floor
plan may not be visible the same way on
all screens
to maneuver you’ll left click your mouse
and drag the screen you can also use the
wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out
the floor indicator on the left is our
and it will allow your guests to move
between the floors of your event
the three lines at the top are your
control menu where you’re able to access
your event settings so that if you need
to make changes to your event
this is your easy shortcut
the left billboard and the right
billboard that you created are here
this is the banner that you created in
step one if you click on it you’ll be
able to see the
inside if you have a call to action
that’s linked
you’ll click this button to move to that
new link
your bar at the bottom controls some of
the features
only the event hosts are able to click
into presentation mode so this will not
be displayed on your guests bar
your camera and your microphone on and
off buttons are here
the chat feature lobby and share screen
will be discussed in the next session
and under
more you’ll find announcements
timer mute table and shuffle guests
announcements timer mute table and
shuffle guests
are only options for the host
my avatar is my profile and if you
notice there’s a star which indicates
that i’m a host
if i’d like to change my profile i
simply go up to the right corner
i click on my profile where i can edit
and update my profile picture and any
information that i’d like to provide
once my changes are saved i can left
click on my avatar
and i’ll see my business card