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#8 Video with Voice Presentation

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#8 Video with Voice Presentation
we can move into presentation mode by
clicking the icon on our lower bar here
remo will give you the option of a 30
second delay or start now
the 30 second delay will allow your
participants to be able to wrap up their
chat will not be accessible during the
in presentation mode you first have the
option to record your presentation
to come on stage you turn on your
microphone and your camera
if it’s not automatically done so
the chat feature looks very similar to
the same one in conversation mode
where you have general chat table chat
and private chat
the participants list will show your
hosts speakers and attendees
the blue icon indicates who has
permissions to come on stage
if you’d like to have one of your
attendees come on stage
you click the blue icon to give
when they accept the invitation they’ll
turn on their microphone and camera
and when they’re finished asking their
question or with their part of the
they can turn the microphone and camera
off to be removed from stage
you can remove the guest’s permission at
any time by clicking the blue icon
one of my favorite features is the q a
q a will allow anyone to ask questions
or give you the ability to conduct a
if your audience members have questions
and many of them will have the same
the questions can be placed here so they
aren’t lost in the chat
questions can be upvoted so you better
understand the audience’s priorities
once you finish answering a question you
can hit the
check mark on the right and the question
will disappear
this lets you facilitate your q a
portion a lot easier
if you wish to show a video you can
click share video
click share video and paste in the url
once you hit play now the video will
once the video is finished click the
share video button icon again
and it will go away the share screen
feature will allow you to share screens
either from an
application window such as powerpoint or
you can share a browser tab we have two
views to choose from
in focus view the speaker’s video box
will move to the side
while the screen share becomes the
larger focus
you can toggle to tile view by clicking
on this icon at the bottom
if you wish to keep your video box and
the shared
screen box the same size to end the
share screen
click the green share monitor icon and
the video will go back to normal size
another feature in presentation mode
that we can use is the raised hand
if your audience has a question or if
you’d like to have some instant feedback
you can say please raise your hand
you’ll see a hand icon next to the guest
name in the participant tab
click on unraise all hands to clear out
the raised hands
the whiteboard and the timer feature
will be discussed in remo 201
when you’re finished with presentation
mode you’re going to click present
off and you’re going to choose yes i
want to go back to the floor
the system will end your recording if
you are recording
you will be returned to conversation
mode and will be at the same table
you were before