Create and manage your virtual events and Virtual team building with the virtual events platform

Do you need help setting up your own virtual events and managing them? We can help you. We offer services to companies and associations that are moving into the virtual world by creating networking, collaboration, work and leisure group events.

Deusto Virtual works with several virtual networking event platforms. We can help you to design your event, to plan it, to manage it and in the whole communication process. We preferably work with the Remo virtual event platform, but not exclusively. You can consult details about it in our Guide for Virtual Events 100%

What services do we offer?

Demonstrations and advice

We can organize test sessions and guide you through the different solutions on the market and how each one can help you in your objectives of creating online events.

Virtual team building

We can help you design a Virtual team building session and other events.

Online event planning and design

Do you want to set up virtual business events? Executive classes? Professional associations? Language academies? We can help you define a plan and choose the best solution.

Event Management

We are used to managing online events: preparing speakers, showing how the platform works, offering support during events, managing the entry and exit of speakers, order, presentation of materials, etc. What would be external event managers, to reduce your stress level the day of the event.

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