How to record your presentations

There are several ways in which you can record the presentations during your events:

  • Remo itself has a recording feature that allows you to record the presentations given during presentation mode. When you enter Presentation mode, make sure that the recording option appears and is selected. If not, go to More in the menu at the bottom of your screen and press Record.  You can see the recordings after your event in your event settings if you go to Edit Event – Extras – Presentation Recordings. Please note that you can only record while in Presentation mode. You cannot record your floor iteractions.
  • YouTube: Remo allows you to stream your event to YouTube. Once the event has finished, you will have a full recording in your YouTube account.
  • OBS or other recording program. We recommend OBS studio because it’s open source, available to Mac, Win and Linux and is free. It allows you to record all that is happening in your screen or in one window.