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Getting Started as a Speaker in Remo Conference

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Getting Started as a Speaker in Remo Conference
being a speaker at a remo event gives
you certain benefits such as early
access to the event the ability to join
the private green room and more
if invited as a speaker to a remo event
you will receive an email invitation
with a button to accept your invite
once you click that button it will lead
you to the events landing page where you
can then sign in to join the event
as a speaker you can click the speaker
login button and enter the email address
you were invited with
if this is your first time on remo you
will be asked to create an account first
by entering your name and a password
if you’ve already been to an event on
remo before you’ll be asked to just
enter your password
if you’ve forgotten this click forgot
password and follow the password reset
instructions sent to your email
click register for event and you’ll be
taken to a quick system test that will
test your system’s compatibility with
remo as well as your microphone and
once the system test passes click join
event and you’re in
during the event your avatar will have a
dedicated microphone icon to distinguish
you as a speaker for the event
you’ll also be able to enter the green
room if the event has one which is a
private table reserved for just speakers
and event hosts
when your event host starts presentation
mode you’ll also be able to join and
leave the stage freely by turning your
camera and microphone on and off
respectively using the buttons on your
bottom menu toolbar and that’s it enjoy
your event