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How to Connect with Guests during Conversation Mode in Remo Conference

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How to Connect with Guests during Conversation Mode in Remo Conference
at a remo event there are two main modes
conversation mode and presentation mode
for this video we’ll take you through
the main ways to connect with others in
remo’s conversation mode
conversation mode is where you can have
private small group interactions
when you land in a remo event you’ll be
automatically placed at a table
each table functions as a private audio
video conversation
so just like in real life where you can
only see and hear the people around you
in remo you can see and hear only the
others at your table
to move tables and meet new people
simply double-click on an empty seat to
move there
to start talking to others on your table
just turn on your camera and microphone
by clicking the cam and mic buttons on
your bottom menu toolbar
you can also chat to others by clicking
the chat button
at remo we have three levels of chat
general chat to talk to everyone in the
event space
table chat to talk to just the others at
your table and private chat for direct
one-to-one messages with anyone in the
you can also share your screen by
clicking the share button in your bottom
menu toolbar
sharing your screen is essentially
letting the other people at your table
see what you are seeing on your own
depending on the browser you’re using
you’ll be able to share your entire
an application window or a specific tab
on your browser
select what you’d like to share and
click the share button
and finally you can use the whiteboard
to interact with others on your table in
real time
your event host may have specific
activities with the whiteboard planned
so please check with your event
and there you have it an overview of
just some of the ways you can connect
and interact with others in remo’s
conversation mode