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How to Register for a Remo Event as a Guest

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How to Register for a Remo Event as a Guest
to register for a remo event enter the
event link into the url address bar at
the top of your browser
this will take you to the events landing
page which contains information about
your upcoming event
to register click the blue save me a
spot button just below the event
countdown timer
if your event is private the button will
say confirm my attendance instead
then you’ll be asked to enter an email
address if this is a private event
please use the same email address you
were invited with
enter your email and click continue
or you can also choose to log in with
your google account directly
if this is your first time joining an
event on remo you’ll then be asked to
create an account by entering your name
and creating a password
check the box to agree with terms and
conditions and click register for event
if you have been to an event on remo
before you’ll instead be asked to enter
your password if you’ve forgotten this
click the forgot password button and
follow the instructions sent to your
click register for event
once you’ve registered you should now
see already registered under the
countdown timer
when the event is about to start return
to this page and once the countdown
timer ends you’ll see a blue sign in to
join event button
if the countdown timer has reached to
zero and you still don’t see this button
try refreshing your page
click the sign in to join event button
and enter the email address you used to
register for the event in the previous
enter your password and click join event
from there you’ll be taken to a quick
system test to check your device’s
compatibility as well as a brief
platform tutorial if this is your first
time on remo enjoy your event