Remo Hacks and Tricks

Hacks and tricks for Remo Conference video networking platform:

Autoplay a video in the upper left video placeholder

By the default, the videos plubished in the upper left corner of the conference floor of the Remo events do not autoplay, and each attendee has to press play to start them. If you want to change this behaviour and want the video to autoplay when an attendee enters the floor, you simply have to add &autoplay=1 at the end of the video URL. Like this:

Autoplay a welcome video for people arriving to your event

In the Extras tab of your Event Settings you can add a video to the “Show your Welcome Message”. By adding the video with &autoplay=1 at the end you get it to play automatically. So if you add:

you end up with an automatic video explaining how Remo works before getting on the floor. Try it!


Best games and icebreakers for a fun event

There are many ways to maintain a fun event and to organize different activities in it. But you can find a good compilation of games and icebreakers for your virtual Remo event here:

Green screen effect for Remo and virtual cameras

How can I have a green screen effect in my video while using Remo? Or add other video effects? Or change from one camera to another?

All this can be achieved using virtual camera software in your computer. There are several, but the best ones for Remo are probably:

  • OBS Studio Virtual Camera: OBS has an extension called Virtual Camera that allows you to create a virtual camera in your computer. If you connect that camera to your Remo account, then you can add effects to OBS that will appear in your video feed. Available for Mac, Win & Linux.
  • Snap Camera: A simple and quick way to have a virtual camera, Snap Camera is only available for Mac and Win.

How can I build my own custom floor plan for Remo ?

You can build your own custom floor plan using software like Adobe Ilustrator, Sketch or Inkscape. You have to be able to edit SVG files and modify them as per the guidelines provided by Remo.

How can I edit the email of the reminder emails?

You cannot edit Remo’s default emails. Whoever, you can untick the box that says “Send event reminder emails” and / or tick the one that says “Do not send invitation emails to guests” and instead import your guests to Mailchimp or other email manager. Also, you can add them manually or use Remo’s Zapier integrations to update them in Mailchimp automatically.

How to embed a Remo conference floor in our own website

This trick is reasonably stabel, but please be aware that it might cause problems to some people, so do it at your own risk.

You can create a page with this HTML code and you should get a full page embeded Remo conference that seems to work in all cases:

<object type="text/html" data="" width=100% height=100% frameborder=0></object>

Also, this other code should also work:

<iframe allow="microphone; camera" src="" width=100% height=100% frameborder=0></iframe>

I’m not sure if it will work for everyone, so I’m not using it for now. Anyone else can share if this works for them?

To test it, here you have an embeded Remo conference in which we used the slighly modified code:

<iframe allow="microphone; camera" src="" width=100% height=600px frameborder=0></iframe>



How to enroll in the Remo affiliates program?

Remo has two different affiliate programs:

  • Remo Ambassador Program: Partners who are responsible for Marketing the Remo Conference Platform and Closing New Customers Click to enroll.
  • Remo Referrals Partners: Partners who are responsible for referring Potential New Leads to the Remo Sales Team Click to enroll.

You can see the differences between both programs in this help page.

How to link several events together

Remo allows for several events to run simultaneously. In order to link them together, to allow people to register to one of them and once inside to jump to the other event, you can use the sponsor links to create links to the other events. If you add ?autojoin=1 at the end of the event URL, they will go to the other event without having to go through the onboarding process.

How to record your presentations

There are several ways in which you can record the presentations during your events:

  • Remo itself has a recording feature that allows you to record the presentations given during presentation mode. When you enter Presentation mode, make sure that the recording option appears and is selected. If not, go to More in the menu at the bottom of your screen and press Record.  You can see the recordings after your event in your event settings if you go to Edit Event – Extras – Presentation Recordings. Please note that you can only record while in Presentation mode. You cannot record your floor iteractions.
  • YouTube: Remo allows you to stream your event to YouTube. Once the event has finished, you will have a full recording in your YouTube account.
  • OBS or other recording program. We recommend OBS studio because it’s open source, available to Mac, Win and Linux and is free. It allows you to record all that is happening in your screen or in one window.

Implementing paid registrations to a Remo event

Remo doesn’t have its own registration system for customers to pay for the event tickets.

However, Remo has a Zapier integration that can be used for that pourpose. With that integration, you can use almost any registration system you like (Eventbrite and many others).

The integration is relatively simple to do, but if you need help we can assist you for a very competitive fee. Simply ask us

Music for your event: streaming services

  • Mubert has just released a subscription service for music streaming in YouTube and others for 5$ per month per channel on their computer generated music.
  • Pretzel also has a service for livestream music to pump up the energy at events or set the mood. For those looking for music without licensing restrictions: (thanks Alex)

Name your tables using emojis ❤️

You can use emojis to name the tables at your event, to make them easier to spot. Simply look for the emoji that you want in Emojipedia (for instance: ❤️) copy it and paste it to the name of the table you want. It will look like this:

Remo table

(Thank you Benoit.)

Put a video on the landing page

Can I put a video in the landing page of a Remo Conference event? Well, the answer is no, but you can put an animated GIF that will serve the same purpose and will look like a video with no sound.

For instance, this one:

How to use Remo

And this is a test event to show how it looks having a GIF as the main picture in the landing page.

Quick onboarding video: how to use Remo in 6 seconds

Use this video.


Stream your event presentations to YouTube

Remo has already included capabilities to stream your event to a YouTube account. In order to do it, simply edit your event setting and go to Extras – Stream. There press in Connect to YouTube Live and follow the instructions. Or read this tutorial from Remo.

Please note that you can only stream while in Presentation mode. You cannot stream your floor iteractions.

URL redirects or using the same address for different events

How to always have the same URL for different events. Some people suggest using bitly or similar. But if you have access to your webserver, you can do it very easily using the .htaccess file in the root folder of your website (see image).

server files

You simply have to edit the file (it is a simple txt file). If you use WordPress, by default you will have something like this already in the .htaccess file:

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

and the only thing you have to do is adding at the end the following two lines:

Redirect 302 /evento

The first line is a simple comment (you can add anything as a comment after #)

The second line tells the server to redirect all the calls to the “/evento” folder to the following URL:

In my case, the domain I used for this is , so I will add /evento at the end and the resulting address is Try it and you will see that will go to the event page.

When you want to change the event, simply edit the .htaccess file again and change the destination of the redirection.

Where can I check if my computer is compatible with Remo conference?

Check your computer and system at the Remo System Check page.

Where can I get custom floorplans?

You have several ways to get custom floor plans for Remo events:

  1. Create your own floor plans
  2. Buy custom floorplans from other designers. A good place to find them is the Remo Marketplace.

Do you have any hack or trick for Remo Conference? Or do you need help and want to hire us to help you create a fantastic Remo experience?

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