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Remo: Humanize the Online Event Experience

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Remo: Humanize the Online Event Experience
if you think going online means
sacrificing meaningful human interaction
you’ve got to try remo romo humanizes
the online event experience by helping
cultivate more authentic relationships
it’s the secret to increasing your leads
and engagement by four hundred percent
remo has two modes for better
conversations and more immersive webinar
style presentations let’s start with
conversation mode this is where guests
are free to mix and mingle coming
together without any geographical
boundaries each guest gets this virtual
business card to easily connect on
social media schedule private meetings
and send messages remo is the human
centered way to engage online because
when you give people the freedom to
choose what to explore and with whom to
engage you’re guaranteeing more
authentic invigorating conversations
even the chat feature empowers you to
choose between joining the public
conversation chatting with your
particular table or even just privately
one to one and there’s an interactive
whiteboard for thought sharing because
at remo we believe that allowing people
to truly collaborate helps build more
meaningful relationships
so this fully customizable virtual space
might become a sponsor hall where each
sponsor gets their own booth or maybe
you need a conference floor for
workshops training or coaching
it could be a more unique venue for your
fundraising gala or a virtual bar to
hold your speed networking happy hour
the colors layout and branding is in
your control or why not take it one step
further and hold all these sessions at
the same time so guests move freely
between different floors and even
different buildings in a dynamic event
experience that scaled to suit your
you can have training groups or round
table discussions and a one-to-one
coaching area simply rename tables to
guide guests towards meaningful
you’ll even be able to share your own
branded content like videos handouts and
promo banners to drive and track
to reinvigorate your webinar style
presentations simply jump modes press
record if you please and step into the
spotlight you can spice up your talk by
sharing a presentation inviting a guest
to the stage sharing a video
or using the q a feature here guests can
upvote questions to help speakers
prioritize the content their audience
really cares about and when you offer
the most immersive experience your
audience and community grows so to
humanize your online event experience
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