Virtual events for companies and individuals

An easy solution for you to organize virtual events for work, study and leisure.

Do you want to organize a virtual event?

We have the solution for your events. Now we can help you set up a virtual event so that you can work, collaborate, study or simply have a good time with your work colleagues or friends from the social club or soccer team.

Virtual events allow you to interact with your friends, colleagues or colleagues as if you were in the same place.

What is a virtual event?

The virtual events are made with a computer and a browser. You simply need to have Chrome or Firefox installed, a webcam and a microphone. You don’t need to install anything, simply using the browser you will access a virtual room like the one you see below, where other attendees will be placed around the tables.

At each table there will be up to 6 people who can talk to each other. But if you get bored or want to see what’s being said at other tables, just double click on another table and you’ll join that new table and chat with the people at it. It’s that simple!

But not only that, you also have access to a “webinar” mode that will allow you to make professional presentations to all attendees. All this accompanied by chats, questions and answers and other means to make the virtual meetings as useful as possible.

Host Your Virtual Event

What kind of events can I organize virtually?

Professional Events

Fairs, presentations, webinars, all are perfectly adapted to the type of virtual event we do.

Internal company events

Virtual meetings for groups of a company that do telework and need to join to allow an exchange of ideas and coordination of tasks and work.

Friends meetings

For groups of friends separated by distance, you can organize virtual events where you can meet, chat and remember good times.

Social and sports clubs

Virtual meetings for groups and associations, where you can exchange ideas and even play online games together

Film nights

Share movies, presentations or live chats on different topics, chatting and conversing live with other participants.

Many others

What do you need? Tell us what you need and we’ll explain how it can be done!

How exactly does the virtual event work?

Click on the image below to see the detailed video: